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When it comes to keeping your home clean, the tools you use are often more important than the cleaning products themselves. A well-chosen cloth, sponge, mop or hoover can make all the difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of your cleaning routine, while the cleaning solution or spray takes a back seat.

However, with the multitude of gadgets and cleaning aids available, it can be difficult to discern which tools are really essential. To simplify your next cleaning session, we’ve compiled a list of ten cleaning tools that are essential for any household.

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Why was the broom promoted at work? Because it swept away the competition! On a more modest note, don't forget to keep your home clean and tidy with these essential cleaning tools, including the toilet brush, broom and dustpan, mop and hoover!

1/ Microfibre cleaning cloths

Cleaning with microfibre cloths is a game changer because of their superior ability to collect and hold dirt, dust and grime compared to traditional cotton cloths or sponges. The microscopic fibres of these cloths, as well as their static electricity, make them very effective in picking up the most stubborn dirt, soap scum or food stains. Using microfibre cloths, cleaning everything from the fridge to the bath becomes easier than ever.

Extra tip: Learn how to easily clean the inside and outside of your refrigerator.

2/ Paper towels

Paper towels are not just for wiping dishes or your hands. They are also ideal for shining freshly cleaned surfaces, such as kitchen counters and hobs. In addition, you can use them as a makeshift dish rack for hand-washed utensils and to clean up spills of any size. To maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen, it is essential to wash your paper towels frequently, at least once a week, but ideally after each use.

3/ A varied collection of sponges

While the classic two-sided scouring sponge is a must in every household, there are other types of sponge that can be useful for specific cleaning tasks. The Scrub Daddy sponge is a popular choice that can change texture, from soft to abrasive, depending on the water temperature. Microfibre sponges are ideal for quick or thorough cleaning, and chainmail sponges are perfect for removing dirt from cast iron cookware. It is therefore essential to have a varied collection of sponges for effective cleaning.

4/ Window scraper

If you have shower doors or glass windows, a squeegee is an essential cleaning tool in your arsenal. Not only does it effortlessly remove water droplets to prevent unsightly soap scum and water stains from accumulating on glass surfaces, it is also very useful for drying tiled walls and thus preventing the formation of mould. And when it comes to cleaning windows, windscreens or glass furniture, the squeegee leaves them sparkling and streak-free.

5/ Expandable feather duster

Dusting can be a tedious chore, but a stretch duster makes it a breeze. This long-handled tool allows you to reach high places like cabinet tops, window frames and baseboards without having to strain your back or climb a ladder. You can even make your own stretch cleaning device by attaching a dry or damp microfibre cloth to the bristles of a broom with a rubber band.

6/ Scrubbing brushes

For stubborn dirt and buildup in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, a scrubbing brush is sometimes the only tool that can do the job. Whether tackling seals, fittings or stains, a scrubbing brush with the right bristles and a little elbow grease can make all the difference. From compact cleaning brushes to wide, flat brushes for cleaning large tiles, there is a scrub brush for every conceivable cleaning task.

7/ Toilet brush

To keep your toilet bowl clean and spotless, you need a good toilet brush. Although technically a type of scrubbing brush, the toilet brush is important enough to be considered a cleaning tool in its own right. Without it, bacteria and faeces can build up and leave unsightly stains.

8/ Broom and dustpan

In the age of high-tech robotic hoovers, don’t forget the trusty broom and dustpan. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, the broom is the ideal tool for daily cleaning. Vacuum once a week in high-traffic areas and once a month in low-traffic areas. Consider a specialist broom for pet hair or heavy outdoor cleaning.

9/ Mop

Mops are indispensable for cleaning tiled or natural stone floors, but they are also versatile tools for other cleaning jobs. Used wet or dry, mops can reach hard-to-reach places such as walls, window frames and skirting boards.

10/ Vacuum cleaner

The hoover is an essential cleaning tool that is not just for floors. The right accessories are used to remove allergens such as dust, dander and pollen from upholstery and mattresses. And be ready to get your hoover out of the house to clean your car, your garage or even your Christmas decorations.

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