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Clean windows all the way to the top thanks to our team of rope access technicians

Alpha Clean, the number one choice for a safe and efficient window cleaning at height thanks to our professional rope access technicians!


Trained stringers

At Alpha Clean, we have a team of qualified rope access technicians to perform the cleaning of windows in height with professionalism and safety. With their specialized equipment, our rope access technicians can reach the most difficult places to efficiently clean the windows of your buildings.

Find out how our window cleaning service can improve the appearance of your building while maintaining a safe working environment for employees and visitors.

  • Prepare the space: It is important to prepare the space around the windows to be cleaned to avoid any potential damage to property or people below.
  • Window Cleaning: Rope access technicians can clean windows using poles, squeegees, rags and other cleaning tools. Using pure water or RO water can help minimize streaks and stains.
  • Inspection: The rope access technicians inspect the cleaned windows to ensure that they are clean and undamaged.

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