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Reveal the beauty of your floors with our professional treatment service

Restore the shine to your floors with our professional treatment service. Discover spectacular results!


Treated and cleaned floors

The service of treatment and repair of floor proposed by Alpha Clean aims at renovating, protecting and embellishing your floors. These can be different types of floors such as tiles, parquet, stone, marble or concrete floors. The steps for this cleaning vary depending on the type of floor and its condition.

First, our cleaning company assesses the specific needs of your floor. They take into account the type of floor, the level of dirt, stains, scratches, wear marks and cracks.

  • Our team prepares the necessary equipment and cleaning products. They also protect surrounding furniture and walls from damage.
  • Deep cleaning removes dirt and stains. We use specific chemicals and cleaning machines.

  • If the floor is scratched a sanding step may be necessary. Sanding removes scratches and wear marks and prepares the floor for the next step.

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Other services offered

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Cleaning up after construction

Post-construction cleanup, the final touch for a job well done.

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